Drone Photographer Hailed as Hero for Warning Swimmers of Huge Shark

Published on January 15th, 2023

A quick-thinking drone photographer alerted authorities after spotting a great white shark swimming close to the water’s edge, potentially saving lives.

David Alphonso who regularly captures incredible marine wildlife videos off the coast of Australia was flying his drone when he spotted a huge shark close to the public.

His wife and child were on the beach close to the shark so he Facetimed his partner Kirsty to get to safety and alert the other beachgoers.

He then guided lifeguards on a jetski to the shark who confirmed it was a great white, called in a helicopter, and sounded the shark alarm which led to the closure of Meelup Beach in Western Australia.

“It’s a good job I had my drone up there,” David tells The Sun. “There must have been thousands of people on the beach.”

David says he wasn’t sure what species of shark it was at first but knew it was huge and swimming just 10 feet away from people and close to the shore.

“I fly with an iPad and I showed the lifeguard the screen,” he says.

“Apparently the shark was huge up close — and if it was in the shallows, it was looking for prey.”

On his Instagram post he stresses the importance of respecting sharks.

“We have to remember it’s their ocean, without them the underwater ecosystem would collapse,” he writes. “Be aware, but don’t be scared of sharks”

Original Article: Drone Photographer Hailed as Hero for Warning Swimmers of Huge Shark 

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